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There's always a little fun to be had right here at the park!

Year round fun from fishing in the pond to the tennis/pickleball court to simply taking a dip in our spa and temperature controlled pool!

On top of that we have some extra fun during the winter season in the form of different activities each weeknight!
See below for for information.




We play a movie on our big screen TV in the game room.

A few movies are selected before movie night and guests are invited to vote on which one is preferred and the most popular one is selected.

Complimentary popcorn is usually served.



Karaoke Night consists of only the best singers displaying their talents!
Who are we trying to kid here?  =P


We set up a karaoke system to our big screen TV and let the talent flow.

Ear plugs not included.


Game night is a night where some other sort of game is usually decided on as a group.

This could be another type of card game or something like Left, Right, Center.



Poker night is usually one or more nights per week that consists of games with a $10 buy in and no re-buys.

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