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While dates are not native to the Coachella Valley, it is home to the largest date fruit farms in the United States. California, specifically the Coachella Valley, produces 90 percent of the dates harvested in the United States. Come enjoy the date fruit and celebrate a local tradition by going to the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival in mid to late February.


Please check their website for this year's specific dates:



The Coachella Valley is surrounded by the San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, and the Little San Bernardino Mountains. These mountains provide a plethora of great hiking trails! Try going up the tram and climbing the San Jacinto Mountain or climbing through the narrow canyons on the Ladder Canyon Trail in Mecca. Furthermore, explore the vast Joshua Tree National Park – home to the Joshua Tree, and a great diversity of desert wildlife!

Image by Ben Karpinski
Image by Courtney Cook


A favorite pastime of the locals in the Coachella Valley is golfing! With over 100 golf courses there is no shortage of new turf to play on. Some of the iconic courses are Stadium Course at the La Quinta Resort & Club, the 36-hole Indian Wells Golf Resort, and the Palm Springs 36-hole Willow Golf Resort!


The Salton Sea is a 343 mi2, shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake found in the Coachella and Imperial Valley. This lake was originally formed by a fault in an irrigation system which caused the Colorado River to fill the Salton Basin. Now the Salton Sea primarily serves as a stop for birds during migration with over 400 species of birds having been recorded at the Salton Sea. Although the water salinity does not provide ideal conditions for swimming, it was once a booming hub for Hollywood stars to play with their luxury water crafts.

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Image by Cesar Cid


Try out some of the local shopping opportunities in the Coachella Valley. From October to May check out the Farmers Market in Old Town La Quinta for some of the freshest produce around! Looking for an elegant shopping experience coupled with great dining, check out El Paseo in Palm Desert. Or if you are looking for a bargain go to the Cabazon Outlets!

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